How to Make Easy Caribbean Shrimp Cocktail

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This is so fast you will feel like flash.

Buy some cooked shrimps and put them in a bowl.

The amount of salt, pepper, tomato etc. deppends on your taste. If you don't like something they are not necessary.

Cut some onions and add them to the bowl with pepper, salt and maggi.

This is how it will look.

The coriander is not going to appear magicaly like in my case, I'm the only exception so you should cut some and add it too.

Unless you can use magic, cut some tomato.

This is how it looks. Almost there!

Squeeze some lemons, in this case we added 5 lemons.

How it looks with lemon juice, almost the same right?

Adding salt, lemon, tomato, onions, and coriander is called "pico de gallo". You can also add chile if you want or some Tabasco.

Best part! Add ketchup!

Yes! It needs a lot!

Now stir te shrimps and ketchup together.

And we finished! Looks yummy right? Grab some crackers and if you want you can add some avocado.

Watch the video: Simple And Easy Caribbean Black Beans And Rice Recipe #VegandEatz.

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