How to Draw Manga - Face I

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This is the first part where we gonna learn how to draw a face with some different views, actually is just about lines (ーー;)。。

Start drawing some circles..

The first thing to know is the cross in the circle, the horizontal one is for eyes (lower than the middle line) and vertical for nose.

Now draw the lower jaw, the ear area and the horizontal line for nose limit.. Look the connection of those,..

Now you can try drawing the eyes, nose, mouth and ear, and doesn't if looks so bad as this, now you get how important are the ear area, look the next one ->

Now the ear area is much bigger and it looks better, because it actually fix almost all.

With a mechanical pencil or any pencil up to HB, you can draw the important lines to fix the eyes, nose,...

As in the other now you try it in this way..

Notice that you made up the jaw lines and others out of the circle to make the shape of the face..

This one is a front view with the hair lines.. *Recommend a ruler, I didn't use it so thats why the cross lines doesn't look right..

This means that the distance between the eyes is another eye.

This one is a profile view,.. For me the ear area is very important..

Notice the shaded area outside the circle an jaw lines, it makes the shape of the face,.. So you must practice that..

Sorry for the dotted lines (no ruler), but it shows the box where the head is in.. make easy to understand the cross lines..

The highlighted lines is how it gonna looks, so if it doesn't look right just try again step by step.

And the last thing of the first part of drawing faces is that you can use the glasses lines to find out where are gonna be the eyes and the ears..

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