How to Play With Make-Up: Neutral Colors. Everyday Look

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Using your fingers, add your BB cream by dot application and blend with your clean hands. I don't have any foundation at all in this entire natural make-up guide. I use my BB cream which has all 5.

After you blend, it should look like this.

This is the palette I am using today.

These are the palette colors I will be using today.I number them according to where it should be applied to your eye lids.

Wet your applicator, then use the entire sponge to pick up your shadow and apply on your bottom lid.

It should look like this.

Then use the other side if your wet applicator, and just use the tip of it to pick up your crease color shadow.

How to apply the crease color. All the colors will be spread later using your blending brush.

It would look like this before blending

How to blend your colors.

After its blended, it should look like this.

Eye lash curler

I use lancôme mascara

Curl your lashes. Tipcurl your lashes at the roots then at the end I it to keep the curl.

Tip on how to avoid mascara lump, mess, and raccoon eyes.

I use this blue shadow for my eyeliner bec. It provides lighter not bold color after you put the mascara. The theme is natural so using brown or black will bold your eyes. Using blue keeps it pop.

I use the bottom blush

This is the gloss I am using. Neutral and natural. This will work everywhere.

The finish product. Thanks for looking. Any other requests are welcome.

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