How to make pretty vintage looking paper flowers

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What i did was decorate my own paper if yu arnt intrested you can use whatever paper you like and go straight to flower making precess. But all i did was dab around the paper with red orange and pink

And i let it drip and mix together you can also fill up the white spaces if you want to

Then. I got tissues and placed them ontop of the wet painted surface

Then i kept wetting the brush and dabbing to flatten it out and bring the colours through

Then i flipped it around folded it into three and drew a 6 petaled flower after waiting for the paper to dry of course :)

Afterwards you should have three flowers i put a hole in each

Then you cut one petal from one flower, two petals from the next then three petals on the last flower and keep the extra petals

Put glue on the one with five petals and stict the petals together

Curl the petals with your paint brush to make it look realistic

Grab your flower with four petals and stick them together with glue and curl them back aswell

Stick inside of other flowerwith glue

Grab the three petaled flower and stick the petals together and curl and glue inside the flower agian

Grab the cut off petals and curl and glue inside aswell

Curl the last indivisual petal and cut a bit off to maje it fit inside the flower

Make it look like its unfolding

And your done you have made your 3D vintage rose you can put it on a hair clip and wear, decorate cards or gifts, make a bunch of roses tht last forever just by glueing on a stick of some sort etc...

Its a great gift or decoration i hope you enjoy and like this snap guide :)

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