How to make a vegan smoothie

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put the ice in a blender.

chop & peel half of a carrot & add it to the blender.

chop up a banana. mine was frozen because I like my smoothie thick & icy, but that's completely optional. if you prefer it icier but don't have frozen bananas at hand, just add 1 or 2 more ice cubes.

chop up about a half cup of greens. I used frozen kale and arugula.

after they're chopped.. it's really important to not just throw them in whole because you might get a huge chunk of kale in your smoothie. unless you like that sort of thing😋

chop some berries, about a half cup as well. I used frozen raspberries.

section a lemon in two. I squeeze both halves into the smoothie because I love lemon and it boosts your metabolism, but if you don't like the pungent taste, I would only use half.

chop up half an apple. I recommend honey crisp! Save the other half😉

add it all to the blender & blend!

after about 15-20 seconds you're probably thinking ... this doesn't look like a smoothie. well you're right! last step

add about 2 tablespoons of fat free milk, almond milk, or soy milk. whichever you prefer! and stir it all in the blender so it'll blend evenly.

pour it into a glass and TA DA! yum

if you want a lil snack with this, chop up the other half of the apple, add some unsweetened wheat and barley, maybe a tablespoon of milk, and enjoy!

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