How to smoke a turkey for any occasion

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2 Days Ahead Brine TURKEY 1. Stirring until dissolved until nearly boiling

2. Place 2 to 3 lbs of ice in bucket. Pour hot brine mixture over ice stir until dissolved, add remaining cold water. Place turkey neck end down into brine. Add water to fully cover put in fridge.

Tip: Can leave bird covered outside or in garage if temperature is 36F or lower. 3. Do not brine more than 6 hours and at least 2 hours. 4. Remove bird from brine rinse and dry.

4. Place dry bird uncovered in refrigerator for at least 24 hours. 5. Remove turkey from fridge 3 hours before smoking. 2 hours ahead place wood chips in bucket add water to soak.

Build charcoal fire in grill, bank coals and place an aluminum lasagna pan 13"x9" in between coals add water to depth of 1".

Place turkey breast side down on grill over pan, add about 1/4 cup of drained wood chips on each bank of hot coals cover with lid adjust top vent to 1/4 open, bottom vent 1/2 open.

Maintain temperature at about 250F or 121C. Add aaddition wood chips about every 30 minutes and charcoal every hour.

Adding charcoal & wood chips. Turn breast side up after 75 minutes.

Continue cooking to an internal temperature of 160F or 71C let rest 30 min before serving.

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