How to make an economical gardener's hand scrub

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Gather your ingredients and tools. Buy a 4lb bag of sugar and you'll have some left over. One bottle of the Dawn will make exactly 8 jars of the scrub. I used the Kerr 8oz(1/2pint) wide-mouth jars.

The Dawn dish soap comes in 4 fragrances. I chose pink for my girlfriends. But my store didn't have the aqua or purple so I added one drop of green food coloring to the white one for my guy friends.

Fill the measuring cup with 1/3 c. of soap. Add 2/3 c. of sugar and mix well using the silicone spatula. Scraping down the sides if needed. Pour into one mason jar.

The result will be fluid. If a more pasty consistency is desired, reduce the soap and add extra sugar. This recipe fills one 8oz mason jar. So you can certainly mix a large batch and then fill jars.

You can also mix the ingredients directly in the jar. But I like the measuring cup to avoid making a mess as I stir. Also the pouring spout is nice when filling the jars.

Final result! Such a great gift for anyone on your list. Great for the kitchen, green house, or the garage. Gets rid of garlic odor, grit and dirt, & grease from your hands leaving them super soft.

So let's see how we did... $1.47 a jar is NOT BAD!!

Decorate with raffia and a gift tag. Add instructions: For clean and soft hands after working in the yard or garage, scrub a nickel-size dollop on hands for 30 seconds and rinse.

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