How to make a hanging pot holder

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Once you have decided on your dimensions, cut your steel bar. If you want a round hanger, you will need to bend it into the required shape.

Clamp the pieces to a square jig and weld it together. You can grind the welds to make it look prettier, then paint the holder with a metal primer.

Cut two equal lengths of chain. Each should be long enough to go from the holder (at whatever height you want it), up to the ceiling, and then back down to the holder.

Attach the 2 chains from their center to your ceiling. We have a beam we can encircle. You may have to find a joist to screw into. Make sure you use something strong and secure (lag screw or hook)

Make several of these hooks. You'll need 4 to attach the holder to the chain, and then some for the pots and pans. The thinner hook (at top of photo) is the part that will attach to the steel bar

Attach the holder to the chain with 4 hooks (2 for each chain). The thinner hook goes under the bar of the holder. Put the wide hook through the chain and, with pliers, fold it back on itself

Check the pot holder is level. Hang both your biggest and shortest pan up there to make sure it's at the height you want it.

Place your pot hooks over the top of the steel bar.

Hang up your pots and pans.

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