How to cook bread vadai -south indian snack

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Grab your bread slices. Ideally day old bread. Cut them roughly as small as you can. Include the crust.

Add yogurt. In absence of this leave one cup milk mixed with 1 tbsp white vinegar for 20 mins to stand before adding to the bread

Give it a quick mix

Add onion, ginger, green chilli or dried red chilli, cilantro and curry leaves.

Add rice flour

Add baking soda and salt. Mix all these. The batter must be firm and sticky. I am after a batter that can hold its shape. Next I add the toasted ingredients

Dry roast cumin seeds

Peanuts are optional. Dry roast them too

Add to the batter

Give it a final mix

Drain on absorbent paper

Serve it hot as it is. You may serve it with coriander chutney, coconut chutney, sambhar (vegetable & lentil stew), or yogurt.

Enjoy and give this a go. Traditional vadai is made with either urud dhal (black gram) or toor dhal (yellow pigeon peas). This bread vadai is a rather modern version.

Watch the video: bread vada recipe. झट-पट बरड वड रसप. instant bread carrot vada. crispy instant vada

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