How to make melted canyon art

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What you will need: Crayola crayons Canvas/paper Trashbag Glue blow dryer

Lay your trash bag out on a flat surface.

Place your canvas on the trashbag.

Lay your crayons in the order and shape you want on the canvas.

Take one crayon at a time, and glue them on your canvas.

Once your crayons are glued on the way you want them to be and have dried.....

Lay your canvas still on top of the trash bag, against a wall.( make sure your near a outlet, so you can plug in your blow dryer.)

Put your blow dryer on the lowest setting, and on hot.

Hold the blow dryer about two inches away from the crayons.

Start at the top and slowly move down.

Keep moving your blow dryer down until the crayons look the way you want.

Once you piece looks the way you want, and the crayon has dried, you can tip it upside down, and melt the other side of the crayons, that haven't been melted.

You are going to do the same thing to the crayons, that you did to the other side.

Keep turning your piece until you get all the sides that you want done.

Now that all of your sides have been covered with crayon.....

Sign your name so that everybody knows it's yours!

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