How to make felt flowers

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Cut felt into a square of desired size. This is an 8x8-inch square of craft felt.

Place a "line" of Fabri-tac Glue across top edge of the felt square.

Fold the square over to make a triangle, with the glued edge at the top as shown. Press to seal the edge and allow glue to dry.

Fold the glued edge over as shown, to form an "ice cream cone" shape.

Trim the flap to form a straight edge at the top of the "cone."

Begin to gather the cone, turning it "inside out." As you gather, you will form the rose shape. Have a piece of scrap felt handy to glue to the bottom of the flower.

Shape the flower as you fold the raw edges under.

Glue a scrap of felt to the bottom to hold the flower together.

Add more glue to the top of the flower to help the "petals" stay in place.

Use various size squares of felt to create different size flowers. The small flower is a 4x4-inch square. Use various weights and styles of felt for different looks.

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