How to send individualized business cards over imessage

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Sending a contact over MMS / iMessage, with just information you want, is simple if you use vCardSender2 from the AppStore

Open the AppStore and search for „vcardsender2“.

Or check out: for more information or the AppStore Link.

vCardSender2 is also available in a free lite version. But in the lite version it’s just posible to send over eMail.

After starting, search for the contact you want to individualize and send.

Let’s say you just want to send the private information.

Scroll down...

...and just hit the „company“ button to unmark every company information with just one click.

If you want you can add single information all the time.

Then just hit the „send“ button and choose „MMS / iMessage“

Thats it! The business card is individualized and ready to send without changing your original contact. The card is compatible with Android and Windows Phone!

I’m the developer of „vCardSender“. If you have questions, just ask. Ans if you miss something in the app, let me know about it. I will try my best to upgrade the app with your ideas!

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