How to make oatmeal cookies

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First, pour your 2 cups of white sugar into your medium sized pot.

Then, pours your 1/2 cup of milk into the pot.

After pour your 1/2 cup of vanilla into the pot.

Next, put your 1/2 cup of butter into the pot.

And then turn the temperature to medium or 0.5

Once it's boiled and stirred for 3 minutes pour your 1/2 cup of coco.

After pour your 1 cup of cocoanut into the pot.

Then, pour your 3 cups of oatmeal into the pot. And get your waxed paper ready.

Next, quickly scoop the cookies on to....

... your waxed paper.

Voila, your no baked cookies. Enjoy! By: Ethan

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