How to make tostones

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Choose dark green, thick plantains to use as early as you buy them. (They ripen fast, and get sweeter as they yellow)

Cut off the ends with your knife

Easiest way to peel the plantain that I've found; run knife down the grooves of plantain then lift up the peel with the sides of your thumb, pulling the peel away

All done :)

I like tostones a little thick, so about 1 1/2 inches thick when slicing up the plantain

About 1/2 of oil in the pan Heat up on high and then turn to about a medium high

Fry one side until a golden brown, then flip them over

I made them a little darker than usual but they're still fine this dark

Take out the slices and while they're still warm, smash them down flat

Then throw the smashed slices back into the hot oil and turn them once after about 2mins

Take them out of the oil onto a paper towel covered plate and salt them while they're still hot. Let cool down some to eat :)

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