How to make string bracelets

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Prepare the Materials: No.72a cords 5meters,No.72 yellowish cord 1meters 925 Sterling Silver Leaf-shaped Charm Pendants 2 925 Sterling Silver Hollow Bead 1 Scissor, Measuring tapes

Step 1: Cut two pieces of red cords at least 50cm long. Fold the yellowish cord in half. Then take one of red cord under the yellowish cord

Step 2: Tie a small knot with the red cord.

Fold the left cord and take hold of cord with your bracelet. Then take the right red working cord end and bring it up and over the holding yellowish cords again and again towards cord end position.

When you reach the length that about 2cm on your bracelet, tie a small knot with a 50cm sky blue cord in case the red cord loosed off.

Continue wrapping the sky blue cord.

Add the different color cord and continue wrapping the working end.

Once you braided half of the bracelet, add on the 925 sterling silver leaves on.

Repeat the same steps 6 till it reach your desired length.

Tie an overhand knot after string a 925 sterling silver Hollow Bead.

Trim the excess cords.

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