How to make reindeer ragu

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Chop the onion and the garlic.

Melt some butter.

Fry the onion and garlic. When you have done that, remove it from the pan and add some more butter.

Then fry the meat. The one I bought came in a package like this.

Add it the frying pan and give it some color.

The more you stir the smaller pieces of meat you get.

While the meat is getting ready prepare the juniper berries using a pestle.

Like so.

Once it is no longer red add the flour.

Stir and add the fried onion and garlic.

Now add the spices; thyme, rosemary and the juniper berries.

Also add the cream,

..the jelly,

..meat broth or similar as well as soy to freshen up the color.

Serve to boiled potatoes and veggies. We ate it with broccoli, pickled cucumbers and lingonberry jam (but if you cannot get ahold of that, or if you don't believe in eating jam to food try with jelly)

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