How to make peachy bbq wings

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Simple ingredients! Wings, peach preserves and your favorite bar b que sauce. I usually make mine however, this works just as good

In a food processor, blend your preserves so that they are a little less chunky. I used about half the jar. Let's say about a cup

Purée well

Next add about double the amount of bbq sauce. So about 2 cups. I also add the Montreal streak seasoning. 2 TB. Pulse to blend and taste. If you want it a little more peachy sweet, add more preserves

Warm up to a summer while you prepare your wings

Wings..I season these in a large bowl with any seasoning you like. I use cayenne, black pepper, and original chicken seasoning

I'm pretty liberal with the spices

Mix up and place on lined baking sheets

I roast mine. But we also love to grill these as well. Roast at 400, for about 15 and then turn and roast another 15

Once they are browned up, throw into bowl

Coat them warm with the warmed bbq sauce

Coat well

And enjoy!

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