How to make banana pikelets

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Ingredients and equipment: Sugar, 2 bananas, ground cinnamon or normal, milk, self raising flour, 2 eggs, butter, 1 cup, knife, chopping board, spoon, strainer or sifter, mixing bowl.

Add in 2 cups of self raising flour

Add in 4 table spoons of sugar or caster sugar.

Crack 2 eggs into a bowl

Add 1 and a half cups of milk

Make a well inside the bowl with the flour and sugar

The mixture should look like this after you mixed it.

Then mix it all together.

Make sure you have a frying pan if you have one like on the right then that will make it easier, but you can fry them on a normal one also.

Brush the pan with butter.

Flip them over when they begin to bubble, they should look golden brown

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