How to make a custom metal candleholder

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First, get a metal ruler and a scriber and rule how much thin metal you need then cut it in this thing(x3).

Next draw a circle in the metal with a scriber and then get some tin snips and cut it into a shape of a circle(x3).

Then put it in a vice and get a file and smoothen the edges(x3).

After that get a Tinmans mallet and hit the metal until it is bent into the the shape of a wax catcher (x3).

Then get a long strip of metal and get a hacksaw and cut two pieces to the size you want it.

After that get a file and file the edges so then the corners don't stab you.

Then you get the scroll maker and scroll each ends of the metal.

Next get one of the pieces of metal and get one of them things that bend the metal and bend the middle of the metal

Then get the other piece of metal and put it in the twister maker and twist each side accept the middle of the metal.

Next drill a hole in the wax catcher (x3).

Then drill a hole in the twisted piece of metal.

Next you need to pop rivet the two things at the bottom so then it will be able to stand.

Then pop rivet the wax catcher on the top.

Then put them together and you will be done.

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