How to make wedding invitations from a cigar box

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Craft cigar boxes can be going at your local Michales craft store. They come in both natural and black.

Print out your favorite engagement photo and trim it down to fit the left side of your box. Before placing in box affix glue dots to all four corners of your photo then firmly press into box.

Use small rhinestone or lace or whoever you desire to add a special touch to your photo. I used small glu dots to affix the stones on the top and bottom of my photo.

Now do the same to the right side with a piece of scrapbook paper. I chose a decorative page that went with my wedding colors. Trim your paper and place in box with glue dots on all four corners.

Lastly...print your invite out on a piece of vellum. You can buy vellum at staples. Trim it to fit your box edge to edge. Place a small glue dot on the four corners and affix to box. Done!

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