How to make a pizza

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Wash your hands.

Put pizza crust mix in bowl.

Add hot water.

Stir together until completely mixed.

Put flower on cutting board and hands.

Put crust on flower.

Kneed the dough.

Wash bowl for second use later.

Add oil to clean bowl.

Oil sides of bowl.

Put dough in oiled bowl.

Set timer for 15 minutes.

Take out cooking sheets.

Pre-heat oven.

Put cover over bowl for 15 minutes.

Put more flower on cutting board.

Put flower on rolling pin as well.

Flatten dough.

Pinch edge of dough to form crust.

Add sauce.

Add pepperoni.

Add cheese.

Add more toppings if wanted.

Put oil in cover and add oil to crust to make it brown.

Put pizza in oven.

Close oven.

Set timer for 10 minutes.

Check pizza and flip from top to bottom.

Set timer for five more minutes.

Take out pizza.

Set pizza on table or flat surface.

Cut pizza.

Pizza is done.


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