How to make swedish pancakes

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Add 0,3 l (3 dl) flour, 0,3 l (3 dl) milk, 3 eggs and salt into the bowl and mix it together

After the first 4 ingredients are well mixed, add 0,3 l (3 dl) more milk and mix until it looks like this

Turn the heat on

Add butter into the pan. When the butter looks like this and has turned quiet - the pan is ready

Add some of your pancake mix into the pan, just over 0,1 l (1 dl)

Lower the temperature

When it looks like this underneath it's finished

Serve with jam and milk

And you have made a swedish pancake! 🍴

This recepie makes about 8 pancakes. If you get any leftovers: keep them, cut them up in small pieces, and fry them once again next time you get hungry!

If you're in a hurry - make the same mix but put it in an oven tray and let it cook in the oven insted. If you are extra hungry, add some bacon or ham to your mix.

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