How to make traditional italian fettine alla pizzaiola

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Ingredients --

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Set aside filets to marinade while you prepare your sauce (I used olive oil, steak seasoning, salt, pepper, and parsley - do whatever suits you =])

Smash your garlic! (Feel free to check out my other guides to see just HOW MUCH I LOVE to smash garlic =P)

Chop it up slightly - I prefer some chopped and some in large chunks to diversify my sauce

Pre-heat olive oil

Briefly sauté garlic in olive oil

Toss in a spoon full of capers and toast them with garlic

Chop up a ripe tomato and add to pan; mash up as it cooks adding oregano, salt, pepper to taste

Once tomato begins to get saucy (oh, you saucy tomato, you!) add in chopped black olives

After letting cook on medium-low heat for a bit, add in can of plain sauce - let simmer; you'll want to make sure it doesn't bubble or boil (add in another layer of seasoning here)

Cover and set aside sauce to preheat a larger pan for your meat

After olive oil is well-heated, place your meat flat in the pan (it's ok if it's bunched up, just make sure none of it is folded over so it all cooks evenly)

Flip fairly quickly after it has begun to brown - remember this meat is VERY thin so be careful not to overcook it as it won't be tender

Pour your sauce directly over the meat and mix in well over low heat

(I covered and turned off the burner so the meat would soak up the flavor without cooking anymore)

Serve with a piece of bread ("la scarpetta") to soak up the excess sauce!

As always, feel free to comment with questions or suggestions, and follow me for other traditional-inspired recipes and ideas!

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