How to make coffee cream cheese cookie dessert

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Make sure your ingredients are ready and prepped!

Mix cream cheese, heavy cream,and sugar on a high speed until light and fluffy.

Use a wire whisk attachment to do step 1.

Next you can either make hot expression coffee or use instant, I used instant and did 3 teaspoons for 3 cups of water and boiled it.

Boil the coffee till it's all dissolved and a dark brown color.

Put a layer of the cream mixture on the bottom of a springform pan.

Then dip the Maria cookies in the hot coffee until they are wet but not soaked .

Layer the cookies on the springform pan, on top of the cream cheese until all the cream layer is covered

Repeat the cream cheese mixture, repeated by the cookie layer to the top of the springform pan until filled to the top. Finish it off with the cream cheese topping

Cover the pan with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate over night until cool.

Before unmolding to serve, sprinkle the cake with cookies that have been crumbled to resemble thin bread crumbs

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