How to make mango salsa

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Step one is to wash your hands first! (:

After your done washing your hands you get everything set up that you are making the mango salsa with to get you started

Third you cut the skin off the 2 mangos .

Once your done shaving the mango you cut them in to dices .

Step 5 you take off the skin on the onion

Then lay the onion on its face & cut half way threw the union then cut horizontal .

after yo do that you get diced onions!

Then add a whole tomato & cut it up in dices

Then cut a lime and squeeze half of it inside the bowl.

Then add pieces of it inside the bowl

After putting everything together , get a spoon & mixture it up.

Once your done mixing the salsa you can put a lid or a suran rap.

Then once you finish doin that , you can refrigerate it for a couple hours.

Then after it's cold you can get chips and dip it in the salsa(:

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