How to make wedding cake favors

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With the help of a plate, draw two circles on the cardboard.

Cut out the circles and divide each into 10 pieces.

Cut out all 20 pieces.

Cut out the following pieces with these measures (in cm) on the cardboard, except that measure 9x4 and 9x2, these should be cut on the cereal box that is thinner and more pliable for the curve.

These measures refer to a circle of 28.5 cm in diameter, you may need to adapt them if your circle has another measure.

Use contact adhesive to assemble each piece.

Cut two pieces of the cereal box with the following measures: 13.5cm x 5cm and round a corner.

Glue down these two parts within the piece already assembled.

Cover the outside using G45 paper Botanical Tea Field of Flowers.

For internal use of paper G45 Botanical Tea Just Because, Fauna and Beards of a Feather

To the top of the cap and the rear curve, use paper G45 Botanical Tea herbal infusion. Apply pad ink on de edges.

Repeat the process until completing the 10 slices of cake.

Apply a thin layer of Acrylic Gesso on top of the cake and remove the excess with a baby wipes.

Splashes spray ink and water.

Cut out flowers, butterflies and birds using G45 Botanical Tea paper Botanical Tea, Flora and Sweet Chamomile.

Decorate the cake with flowers, butterflies and bird.

Add laces.

Top each slice with sweets for the guests to take home.

Here is the cake ready.

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